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Communication And Personality Development Training †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Communication And Personality Development Training. Answer: Training Plan Overview This training plan has been prepared for the sales employees in order to provide them the communication and personality development training workshop. The name of the workshop was communication and personality development. The company has designed the training program for its sales team. There were two instructors, one for communication named ABC and other one for personality development sessions whose name is CGF. The training will be conducted on 16th march for 5 hours that is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the workshop starts with introduction of the instructors for 15 minutes that is from 10 am to 10:15 am. The next session would be of one and half hours that is from 10:15 to 11:45 am. This will be conducted by Mr. ABC. This session will followed with lunch from 11:45 to 12:45. After lunch, on more session would be conducted by another instructor that is Mr. CGF The equipment that will be required for the workshop are paper, pens, white board, markers, projectors, pointer etc. the worksh op will be conducted at seminar hall in basement. Training Plan Details include: Introduction: Goals To develop sales team and enhancing their communication skills Location Basement seminar hall Start time 10 a.m. Meals time 11:45 to 12:45 End time 3 p.m. Housekeeping details Washroom: left right corner Trainer names: Mr. ABC Mr. CGF Topics:For communication skills: Importance of communication skills Theories Exercises Developing communication skills (Aguinis Kraiger, 2009). For personality development: Confidence Motivation Leadership Communication Management SWOT analysis Exercises (Hurtz Williams, 2009). Objectives: To develop and enhance the skills of the sales team of the company Instructional methods: Presentation method: this is the first method that has been used by the industries to teach the sales team regarding the relevant topics of the workshop (Kinley Ben-Hur, 2017). Role play: several exercises have been prepared for enhancing the understanding of the concepts on practical grounds (Sahinidis Bouris, 2008). Activities and timings: Presentation: 10-15 minutes Exercise: 20 minutes Role play: 20 minutes Participant agenda: The training agenda of the participants is to gain knowledge about communication and to develop their own personality. Both of these may help the sales team to enhance their performance on practical grounds. Training is the crucial part of human resource department in any of the company. The primary responsibility of the sales team is to interact with the customers and thus it is required for the sales to be given effective training (Salas, Tannenbaum, Kraige Smith-Jentsch, 2012). The major aim of sales team is to develop their skills that not only develop their professional work but also helps in developing their skills at individual level. It has been analyzed that training needs of the employees should be fulfilled by every organisation (Hurtz Williams, 2009). Total Cost of training: $5500 Cots for facilities: $1000 Cost of trainers: $2000 Cost of meals: $2000 Cost of other resources required: $500 Training Evaluation Plan include: Level 1: Learners reaction can be analyzed by verbal quiz: How were the instructors? Do you think it is useful? Have this session enhanced you knowledge? How much you rate to the overall sessions. Level 2: written test What you have learnt from the training? How you deal with the customer who is asking so much of questions? What are the basic communication etiquettes? How you show confidence in public? What practices would you do for personality development? Level 3: skills demo Various practical exercises have been developed that were practiced to evaluate the practical knowledge of the participants after attending the workshop (Saks Haccoun, 2010). Conclusion It has been concluded from the report that training is the very crucial part of HRM and this needs to be conducted for the employees so that they can develop their skills and knowledge. It has been realised that the overall training session was good and effective for increasing the efficiency of the sales team. As sales team needs to interact with the customers thus they have to be most effective. The training session that has been developed for providing communication skills and personality development skills to the employees have proved to be successful. This may help in developing the new training sessions for the other departments also as per their needs. References: Aguinis, H., Kraiger, K. (2009). Benefits of training and development for individuals and teams, organizations, and society.Annual review of psychology,60, 451-474. Hurtz, G. M., Williams, K. J. (2009). Attitudinal and motivational antecedents of participation in voluntary employee development activities.Journal of Applied Psychology,94(3), 635. Kinley, N., Ben-Hur, S. (2017). The Missing Piece in Employee Development.MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW,58(4), 89-90. Sahinidis, A. G., Bouris, J. (2008). Employee perceived training effectiveness relationship to employee attitudes.Journal of European Industrial Training,32(1), 63-76. Saks, A. M., Haccoun, R. R. (2010).Managing performance through training and development. Cengage Learning. Salas, E., Tannenbaum, S. I., Kraiger, K., Smith-Jentsch, K. A. (2012). The science of training and development in organizations: What matters in practice.Psychological science in the public interest,13(2), 74-101.

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