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The US. V. Mexican War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The US. V. Mexican War - Essay Example In the end, it may be said that Grant's statement of an unjust war was either warranted, or not warranted at all. The purpose of this assignment will to do just what Grant addresses. Uncover whether or not, through the eyes of various sources, try and uncover whether or not the US v. Mexican, or also known as the Mexican-American, War was one which was just in occurring, or should not have occurred in the first place. In addressing this conflict, it is crucial to understand its roots. It would be during this war that Mexico would loose control over what we know as present day California, all the way to Texas. According to "The Us-Mexican War" website, the war would last between the two nations from 1846 until 1848. It is in this website which readers can view different details about various war participants, and hopefully be able to conjure up an opinion(s) of their own about whether or not Grant was right about whether or not this war was just or unjust. The first line of the Manifest Destiny section is very telling. It states, "No nation ever existed without some sense of national destiny or purpose," (Manifest: Intro). In a way alludes to the idea of a destiny being fulfilled for both Mexico, as well as the United States. As you can very easily learn in a high school history class, manifest destiny is a term which was used around the time of the mid 18th century by foreign leaders in describing the desire of the United States to expand it's territory. In a way, the US was creating its future through the actions of the present. As for US opinion was, the section goes on to say that, "The people of the United States felt it was their mission to extend the 'boundaries of freedom' to others by imparting their idealism and belief in democratic institutions to those who were capable of self-government. It excluded those people who were perceived as being incapable of self-government, such as Native American people and those of non-Europ ean origin," (Manifest: Intro). Here right from the start is the clue that some in power in the US, and even outside as well, would see this conflict as just in proving it's ability to control not only its own borders, but its neighboring borders as well. In gauging the rightfulness of the war, it is also important to point out any discord inside Mexico itself on the part of its people. The section entitled "The Divisions in Mexico during the War with the United States", author Miguel Soto of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico writes of how the country was battling all kinds of unrest in areas such as economics, as well as social. This was occurring, or had been occurring, during the time, which the country was moving closer to war with the United States. Like all countries that were given the opportunity, Mexico so desired its chance for independence from the colony, which governed it. In a double-edged sword type of move, the author talks of how when Mexico was given its independence, it came in a form of government which still had some of the same rules and policies that made it no different than when they were under colonial control. Goes on to talk of political issues and the alluding to have military rebellious behavio r being the norm for handling issues. Not too different than what you hear from those today who lived in Mexico as younger persons, but for one reason or the other came to the United States. After surveying the Mexican government, it now becomes

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